Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Treat YO Self

From the very famous quote from parks and rec, "treat yo self", I thought I would share with you all what I like to do when I get some "me" time (which has lately been close to never).

I have found that I am an extrovert yet am so equally an introvert. I love being alone more than anything, yet at times I love to feed off of other peoples energy. I guess it depends on my mood. Ugh, moods. When I do feel introverted I grab myself a lush bubble bar/bomb and head to the bath tub.

I question why I have JUST caught onto the LUSH craze... It is AMAZING. Oh my poor poor wallet. Despite the big bucks that do add up, I feel as soft as a babies bum whenever I have finished a lush bath and the experience is magical, so I guess it is worth it. Whenever I have had a stressful day I pop into the bath alongside a magazine and my iPhone. That's all I really need.


Here are a couple of my favourite lush products!

Sunny Side Bubble Bar: super glitzy!!!

A French Kiss Bubble Bar: for when you are needing a soothing pick me up!

Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb: such a blissful experience.


I love this look, I call it "the bun thing". Not only are girls rocking buns, but boys also. We can finally say goodbye to sock buns because MAN buns are the latest craze. I have never been a fan of the whole sock bun trend, its too perfect and perfect is boring. I love "the bun thing" because it doesn't matter if it looks messy or if a couple strands are flying from each direction of your face.

I love rocking this do because I feel like a samurai boy, like Lea Salonga from Mulan.

Studio Lights

I promised myself this new year that I would dedicate more of my time towards my YouTube channel. I find it difficult to film videos when the sun goes down at such an early time. By the time I get home from either school, work or my internship it is pitch dark outside which means zero natural lighting. With that being said, I invested my money towards getting some studio lights. I am very pleased with the quality of my lights and cannot wait to start filming some more videos. 

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